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Hello Welcome to HTML help from

Ok here we we enter the fun and exciting world of html...(corney huh?)
So lets do this....lets start with the basics....
but first you must know this: you must always start an html code like this ....ALWAYS!! and always close it with this ....ALWAYS!! I will be putting examples throughout this lesson at the end of each part so you will know exactly what to put for what you want, ok.

For starters, you might want to change the color of your background, to do this is quite simple, just put in this code: <BODY bgcolor="color"> its that simple, just add the color you want where it says "color" and thats the color that your background will be.

Now to change the color of your text just add "text"="color" after the bgcolor like this: <BODY bgcolor="color" text="color"> pretty easy right?.....good.

So now lets say you want a email or webpage with a black background and gold text, it will look something like this:
<Html><BODY bgcolor=black text=gold></html>
See....its that easy.

Now it you would like to use something more fancy for a background, go to Dracc's and scroll down to backgrounds and pick something you like and her is how you use it. Click on it so that is the only thing on your screen, the push your "go to" button on the top of your keyboard, when a screen pops up, click on "show last", you should now see a url (address) in the text area, highlight that text, next, push and hold the "cmd" key (lower left side of keyboard), while held, press the letter "a", then "c" and then let go of the "cmd" button. you now have the address of that background in your "buffer" memory. Now lets say you want it in your email, go to your signature box and press and hold the "cmd" button and while held press the letter "v". And there it is. And you just learned how to "cut and paste". Now you just have to tell it what you want that background to do, be sure to use all quotes and punctuation shown here.
Lets say you want this background shown here:

Now to get this, you would put in this code:
<Html><BODY background=""></html>

This is the best way I found to do something like this, after you cut it and save it, go to your signature box and put in your html opener html then: body background=" cmd+V " then close the html /html now dont type in the letters cmd+V, just do that after the first quote. and there you have it, your new background.
Now im sure that you want to know how to put images in your email and webpages too, so click here to go to the next page...see ya there, but first
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