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Here, I will teach you how to make custom lettering like the one you see above.
Here are two sites that make some great banners and custom lettering.

3dtextmaker Cooltext

Now once you make something you like you are going to have to save it. these sites only save it for about 2-3 hours, so I guess now is a good time for you to learn how to transload. Ok, first of all you are going to need a homepage to save your new graphic on. I personally recommend tripod cause it is about the easiest place to manage your account, so to create a page on tripod click Here and then click on "sign up", then follow directions given by them. After you do that go to one of the sites above and make a banner, then after your done press your "go to" button and type in this: ....Click Here to see what a transloader looks like then come back and i'll explain how to use it. Back? good, ok, once you get there scroll down to the text blocks, the first one you come to will be the address of the last place you were, if you just came from your graphic it should be on the first line, then click on the teardrop to duplicate it. Next, rename your graphic where it says to, then enter the ftp server, for tripod its:, then put in your user name, then password for your account, then click on the "transload" button and you'll be taken to a screen then to another, when you get to the second screen wait about 1 min then press the reload button and scroll down, you may have to reload it a few times, but when its done you should be able to scroll down to the bottom and see a "zap" on it and your done....its yours.

You can use the transloader to transload just about anything from banners to graphics.
Click Here to learn how to use a camcorder with your webtv plus to make custom pictures. Or click Here if you dont have a plus unit or not interested.